Video in Email For High Conversions

The following steps will show you why it’s more important than ever to amp up your emails with visual content, including videos, GIFs, screenshots, and more.

Tap into the power of GIFs

GIFs are everywhere. How many times today alone have you got stuck in a GIF loop watching the same scene play out over and over again? They’re addictive, they’re engaging, and more importantly, they’re human.

GIFs are a great way to showcase your stunning brand personality and to resonate with your subscribers. After all, GIFs are an important part of their daily scrolling habits.

As GIFs have grown in popularity over the years, incorporating them into emails has also grown in popularity. They can spruce up what can be a fairly dry, inherently text-based form of communication. Plus, they say a picture speaks a thousand words…so think how many a GIF says.

Not only do GIFs spice up your design, but they are also a better option than embedding a video into your email as this isn’t supported by all email providers.

Create moving screenshots

Screenshots really help your subscribers visualize a process or an action that you want them to take. Say you’ve just downloaded a new piece of software but you’re not sure how to use it to your advantage. Are you more likely to follow a set of instructions laid out in bullet points, or would it be easier to watch someone carrying out that action via a recorded screenshare?

It would obviously be the latter, right? Inserting a video into your email provides a quicker set of instructions someone can follow along with rather than written instructions they may not fully understand.

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Keep things short and sweet

Consumer attention spans are decreasing by the day (around eight seconds today), which doesn’t give you much chance to make an impact. This is why it’s important to keep your videos short and to the point, providing only the details your subscribers need to take a specific action or get the gist of your message.

Research shows that video views decrease with video length. This means that more people are likely to watch the entirety of a one-minute video than a two-minute video. That being said, two minutes is the sweet spot. If you can keep your message to this length, you’ll get more views, more click-throughs, and more engagement. Continue reading

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