Useful Media Landing Page that Converts

Useful Media landing page – But What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is your foundation, and one of the most important elements of a well designed inbound strategy. Think of your landing page as a destination. It’s where a visitor on your site lands because they were attracted to your content, want to sign up for your webinar, or maybe want to engage with a sales person.

A landing page has a form on it. Your goal is to design such a compelling and enticing landing page that your visitor willingly fills out the form and provides you with their contact information, in exchange for your content (Guide, Ebook, Webinar, Case Study, etc…). Your new lead is eager to reap the information benefits after this personal transaction.

Useful media landing page visuals are far easier for humans to process than text, and research has shown media can boost conversion rate. We title this section “Useful media landing page,” because some brands have a tendency to feature irrelevant stock photos on their landing pages strictly for the sake of using images.

That’s not useful media. Useful media contributes to the value of the page. It helps the visitor better understand your offer. Depending on your audience and your product or service, you might find the following types of media helpful.

The right image on a landing page can do the persuasive power of many words. But, that image has to be tailored to the offer. Example The Hero shot: This type of image shows visitors how their lives will improve after they claim your offer.

If your offer is a physical product, the image might show someone successfully using it to solve a common problem. If it’s a service, like a physical therapy center for example, it might show happy rehabilitated patients enjoying life as though they were never injured.

Useful Media Landing Page – Videos

The last few years have seen a major increase in the usage of videos in marketing, as the medium gains notoriety for its ability to hold audience attention. Explainer video: When your offer is new or complicated, an explainer video can help break it down.

In no more than 2-3 minutes, it points to prospects’ problem, then presents your business as the solution to that problem. Often, these videos use animated figures to take visitors through the process, but it’s not a requirement. Useful Media Landing Page Full PDF

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