SEO Drives Traffic Where PPC Is Not Viable

SEO Drives Traffic Where PPC Is Not Viable – When did search engine optimization become not just unfashionable, but an afterthought? Marketers have increasingly sidelined organic SEO as they push for paid-for “performance” – but they do so at their peril.

They have forgotten about the power of organic search, preferring to invest instead in paid activity that is more easily measured and brings short term results. Yet this focus on performance at the expense of brand is short-sighted.

At a time when budgets are being squeezed ever downwards, integrating organic SEO into a brand’s pay per click and display advertising can herald great results for minor outlay. Often, though, it’s the first budget to suffer, possibly because its effects are not always immediately noticeable or that it is fundamentally misunderstood.

Busting the “Black Box” Myth

Many clients struggle with SEO as they wrongly consider it a “black box” of dark arts – something they don’t understand, even to be feared. Yet while SEO is more technical than many other channels, that notion of a black box is somewhat outdated, particularly when it comes to Google.

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Yes, once, their algorithm updates and the reasons behind them were notoriously vague and unhelpful, but it now actively shares its direction of travel.

Over recent years Google has embraced the SEO community. It knows that many businesses rely on it to deliver their bread and butter and wants to encourage good, honest, quality content. Think not of rules, but guidelines or best practice, and you won’t go far wrong. There is little to lose from employing an SEO strategy but so much to gain.

You can’t fail at SEO – if you follow those guidelines and consider the user then it’s all but impossible to invite negative impacts. A key benefit is its ability to drive valuable traffic in areas that aren’t always commercially viable for PPC, especially for verticals that suffer from high generic cost per clicks.

This is often a no-go area for those brands working towards a strict return on investment. Brands who invest even a little will see a positive impact, particularly those who have not done so before or have cut budgets. Continue reading

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