Landing Page Navigation Not Good

On your homepage, a navigation menu helps visitors learn more about you. They move from page to page with different intentions. Some want to know the story behind your brand, while others simply want to get to pricing information. That’s why you give them a number of options to choose from.  This is not so for landing page navigation.

On your landing page, though, a navigation menu only distracts visitors from clicking your call-to-action button. So to keep them focused on evaluating your offer, you should exclude it. Your landing page shouldn’t include a landing page navigation menu because visitors shouldn’t need to navigate anywhere else to evaluate your offer.

Think of your landing page as a virtual elevator pitch. It should convey your unique selling proposition in a way that makes a persuasive argument for claiming your offer. Instapage Navigation Full PDF

Why are Landing Pages Important?

The reason why landing pages are so important is because they are one of the best and most immediate ways to get a visitor to convert to a lead. When a visitor fills out a form on your landing page they are giving you personal access.

The information you get allows you to know this customer in great detail and helps you understand if this person is truly a good lead, or still needs to be nurtured.

Characteristics of a Solid Landing Page

Since there are so many variables you can test, you can bucket them based on the six criteria I’ve described below.

1. Personalization – The more your visitors feel like your landing page is talking directly to them, the greater your chances for conversion.
2. High Anxiety – Most online visitors are untrusting and skeptical. That’s just human nature. That’s way it’s critical to align expectations. Once on your landing page the form, testimonials, company logos, and security badges are all important elements to reduce friction.
3. Copy That Sucks – Sucks you in that is. Remember that old adage, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression?” Well that rings very true here.
4. And Action! – Include copy in your headline, body copy and CTA that compels them to take action. Play to their emotions.
5. Visual Affirmations – There’s more than just images to consider when you design your landing page and CTA buttons. Video, page sections, bullets, white space, contrasting colors, and  directional queues are all great elements to increase your conversions.
6. Clear and compelling CTA – Short but sweet, with a touch of flair and curiosity. For example, “Subscribe to receive killer optimization tips – Over 200 other people already have.”

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