Extremely Effective Email Marketing Strategies For You

Email marketing can be extremely effective for advertising products, whether through sale announcements or updates highlighting new items.

But this marketing channel can also be leveraged in a number of other ways to connect with customers on a more direct and personal level, ultimately leading to more purchases.

If you’re looking to expand your current email marketing efforts, it’s important to explore and execute the right strategies for your business.

Include Relevant Information And Advice

Nobody wants to be spammed with a hard sell through newsletters. We try to add value to our audience with content and we include a segment called “Management Minute” with tangible business advice relevant to them.

Create digestible nuggets of information for them to get real value and then in every two or three newsletters, include a selling element.

It operates like any other relationship. You can’t just be taking from them—you also have to give something in return.

Offer Free Materials

Email marketing is an essential component for any successful business. It can be used to reach potential customers, drive traffic and increase sales.

However, in order for it to be effective, it needs to be leveraged correctly. In my experience, I have found offering valuable free materials such as an ebook or newsletter to be very helpful in getting readers’ attention.

It’s important to remember that just because someone is receiving your email does not mean they are engaged in reading it.

In order to have engaged readers, you need to offer them something worth their while.

Create A Narrative

Reel in the audience with a storyline. Create a storyline or a narrative with drips of emails. You reinforce or introduce your brand creatively, increase your rates of engagement and get them looking for your next communication.

Leverage autoresponders so every new subscriber goes through this story-based email sequence.

Audiences get offers and deals all day long for products, but to really stand out from competitors, you want to give them something to look forward to that is not simply you asking for them to buy your products.

Start to entertain an audience, and you will sell more products and increase engagement.

Focus On Product Education

Email marketing should be used as a way to stay in touch with your customers over the long run. In fact, you don’t want to advertise your products too often.

Instead, focus on things like product education and helping people understand how to use your products to achieve their goals.

When users know how to use your products effectively and see positive effects in their life, they’ll see the value of being your customer.

Email marketing, when done well, leads to customer retention, which saves on marketing expenses and helps grow your business.

Add ‘Get To Know Us’ Interviews

Interview your employees. Make the interviews fun and about the hobbies, interests and professional experiences of the person you are interviewing.

This will make them more engaging to the viewer. You can name the series “Meet the [Your Company Name] Team” and release a new interview weekly and send it to your customers and prospects via email.

If possible, you should leverage video since you’ll be able to post it to your YouTube channel. You can also post it to your blog along with written takeaways or a summary.

Once you have the content, you can then share it across your social media channels, highlight it in a company newsletter and, of course, use it for emailing. continue reading

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