Entrepreneurial Traits To Live By Everyday

Entrepreneurial Traits To Live By Everyday – I define “entrepreneurial” as being creative, positive, resilient and resourceful.

True entrepreneurs are focused and diligent, not scatty and impulsive. They aren’t dodgy dealer, Del Boy-type people. They aren’t those with a million domain names and a different project on the go each week.

You won’t see them haggling over a tenner because they think longer term than miniscule quick wins and they treat people with the integrity they expect of themselves.

You’re sceptical, but not cynical

Truly entrepreneurial can sniff out something that is too good to be true and they can separate the intentions of others from their actions. They know what they want to achieve and how they are going to achieve it and they aren’t side-tracked by brand new ideas without thoroughly vetting them first.

They ask “why” constantly: to learn and keep learning and hear every perspective. They are sceptical without being cynical. Trusting, but constantly verifying that trust to make sure it isn’t misplaced.

You take the other handle

Entrepreneurs appreciate that almost everything is subjective. For every person who sees a lost cause, another sees an opportunity. For everyone who sees rain, another sees a rainbow.

They know they could focus on the lost causes and the rain and dwell on situations being less-than-ideal but they persevere anyway. They know that for every prospective client who hasn’t got the budget, another will make the budget because they can see the potential. They focus on the latter.

You’re quietly confident

Being entrepreneurial is the difference between being the pushy salesperson who frantically cold calls and the quietly confident one who plans an effective inbound funnel to qualify leads before engaging. They know not everything needs to happen right here, right now, and that a little planning goes a long way for the long term.

They can appreciate the value of stillness; in thinking up new ideas, thinking through plans and investigating results to set up a strong future. They know their inbox represents other people’s priorities, not the centre and sole purpose of their work.

They aren’t fooling themselves that a busy day equals an effective day, they know the opposite is more often true.

You’re always learning

Truly entrepreneurial people know their own area inside out and don’t make the same mistake twice. They never push their own advice on others because they appreciate that they might have different goals and values.

Hearing someone else’s story is a chance to learn, not a chance to compare or belittle. They keep their ego at bay because it’s never a useful tool to have in their arsenal. They trade ego for empathy, inquisitiveness and helpfulness.

You’re building a tribe

The last thing entrepreneurial people want to do is micromanage and their highest priority is working with self-sufficient, trustworthy people. Their best team members have the most leverage, and that’s perfect. They are building tribes full of winners and don’t underestimate how much difference this makes.

You focus on actions, not words

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An entrepreneurial person has little tolerance for excuses of any kind. They hold themselves to the highest standards they know to exist.

It doesn’t matter how badly they slept, how much they have to do, how many Instagram followers they have or where they are in their journey, they act like the best version of themselves at all times because they know they need to be the change they want to see in the world and they know that the people around them will emulate everything they do.

You produce more than you consume

Entrepreneurial people are makers. They are making connections, making content, making progress and making steps towards their goals every day. They might not realize it’s making a difference until they look back and see how far they have come. They are consuming when they are in complete control of it.

Think researching, processing and interpreting instead of scrolling and being distracted. They have bad days, of course, but they know not to read too much into them, and especially not to make key decisions on those days. This too shall pass, bad days and good ones alike.

Above all, you have a clear sense of purpose

Entrepreneurial people have a strong suspicion that they were put here, on this planet, to make a real difference. They can see the path to making that difference and will guard their time fiercely against unnecessary admin, conversations or processes that don’t contribute towards it.

They know how to rally others up to join them in this mission and they appreciate how much further they can go as part of a team.

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