Dropshipping Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu

Dropshipping Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu: Before Marcello got involved in the world of eCommerce and began his venture with Project Wifi, he considered himself to be just a normal entrepreneur.

It wasn’t until discovering eCommerce and online arbitrage that Cantu became laser-focused.

“My biggest issue when I started this entrepreneur journey was I would only invest 500 to 700 hours of time before giving up,” said Cantu. “Today I realize I could have been moments away from large breakthroughs.”

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Today, he is the founder of a seven-figure company, Project Wifi.

Project Wifi is an Amazon dropshipping management company offering expertise on how to properly scale a business.

After facing multiple challenges, Cantu became more successful than ever. He looked at his mistakes as a learning experience and turned negatives into strategies that would help him grow his businesses to new heights.

Cantu now works alongside his three friends and business partners Andy Ta Kong, Mohammed Shakaoat, and Paul Parker. They all met at different times but connected instantly.

He met Ta Kong at his first eCommerce conference and connected again at Ta Kong’s Birthday Party.

Parker was Ta Kong’s roommate and after learning about Ta Kong and Cantu’s business plans, he made the duo a trio.

Shakaoat was the last to join after he met Cantu and was intrigued by the possibilities their partnership could produce. Three became four — and Project Wifi was born.

They built up a client base helping over 55 clients gross revenues between $35,000-$115,000 a month each. Project Wifi hopes to continue growing and gaining more clients, helping business owners reach their full potential.

Marcello Cantu
Marcello Cantu

If you’d like to learn more about Cantu and his business, feel free to follow @marcellocantu on Instagram.

5 Dropshipping Niches For Your Store

The year 2020 is an excellent time for drop shippers as it has become one of the most lucrative businesses. It attracted many people to start a dropshipping business because of its many profitable attributes and making easy money.

The concept entails selling products without managing an inventory, not having to deal with the packaging, shipping, and delivery process.

You can pay the supplier only after the customer places the order and make the payment.

Dropshipping business is not hard to manage if you understand the concept correctly and know how to maneuver it in the right direction of profit. The main concerns are the products you sell and make it your niche.

Some popular dropshipping niches to sell in 2020 are:

Beauty and health products

Everybody, regardless of age and gender, likes to look beautiful and maintain it.

Beauty products are one of the fastest-selling items and always manage to find buyers. The fact that there are many million-dollar beauty companies worldwide is enough to understand why this segment gets a lot of buyers.

Whether the commercial scale is high or low does not determine the sale of beauty products. People with a small budget or income also buy beauty products, so the success rate of its sale is inevitable.

Health goes hand-in-hand with beauty.

The growing concern for a healthier lifestyle is essential. With high demand and fast selling of health products, there is a rapid production of new supplements and items.

Adding these products to your business niche will surely yield successive profit.

Technology supplies

The growth of tech industries worldwide is immense. Each new innovative idea creates the prospect of a more original version of the tech product.

Today, the list of technological products is exceeding, and many tech-savvy buyers are on the lookout to buy products that are less expensive and easy to obtain.

You can do thorough research on some of the best tech products which are in high demand and add them to your dropshipping niche.

Drones and its essential accessories

Drones are in high demand these days. It is portable and easy to navigate. Even a small kid can operate it efficiently. So, there is no doubt that the product would not sell.

There are numerous designs and versions of drones with accompanying accessories that you can sell on your dropshipping store. Products like professional drones, mobile drones, remote-controlled drones, cameras, etc. are all making headway sales in the market and sought by many buyers.

Power tools

Some products never go out of demand and keep increasing instead. The need for power tools heightened in the last five years.

Many people are on the lookout to make a quick purchase of the trendiest and upcoming tools in the market. You can use this niche in your dropshipping store to elevate sales.

Adding lifestyle products to your niche

Lifestyle products like beauty products go hand-in-hand. Like the saying, health is wealth people are concerned about their well being more than before.

There is no doubt that lifestyle products will not sell. Consider adding it to your dropshipping niche to increase sales.

Apart from these niches, you must also consider adding other sub-niches such as sports bra, fitness accessories, compression pants, shapewear, yoga pants, shorts, etc.

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