Dropship What Is Selling Not What You Want To Sell

Dropship What Is Selling Not What You Want To Sell  – This is something that most people won’t tell you but it is super important when it comes to being a successful marketer and for any type of business, not just dropshipping. I know that’s a really bold thing to say, but bear with me.

So many marketers come online and they start marketing the things that they think are cool, the things that they think are a good idea, but the fact of the matter is – you are not going to your own website and buying products. Other people are, so quit focusing on what you like and what you want, what your hobbies are and start focusing on everybody else out there wants.

I’ve always said to people that the majority of the money that I personally make, is marketing things that I could care less about. One example might be cat socks. I’m not even really a cat person and I have dogs. But, people buy the heck out of these crazy cat socks that I get from AliExpress.

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So, as a marketer, you have to understand that you are not a consumer. Forget what you think, forget what you like and start making other people’s passion into your profit. Focus on what other people want, put it in front of their faces and you’re not going to have to sell it to them because they already want it.

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