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TikTok Is A National Security Risk To The US. It Should Be Banned.

The call to outlaw TikTok became louder last week. With CEO Shou Zi Chew under fire for...

Bad Social Media Strategy Is Worse Than No Social Media For Businesses

If you’re an entrepreneur with a business of any size, you’re too painfully aware of your digital...

What Did The Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Outage Teach Marketers?

Social media has become a go-to tactic for many brands looking to drive performance. However, those brands definitely...

TikTok Seeks To Generate More Ad Revenue By Capturing Major Brands

TikTok has an advertising problem. On Tuesday, the company rolled out a new plan to help deal...

Google Turns Off Ads Promoting Alcohol And Gambling

Google Turns Off Ads Promoting Alcohol And Gambling: YouTube users will now be getting the option to...

How To Create Social Media Videos For Views

How To Create Social Media Videos For Views: Using video in your social media marketing can seem...

Stop Hate 4 Profit Facebook Gets Boycott

Facebook's policies surrounding divisive posts have been scrutinized after the platform left published a post from President Donald Trump.

The Scramble To Take Down Viral Video Plandemic

The “Plandemic” video centers on the allegation that wealthy people are intentionally spreading the novel coronavirus to increase vaccination rates in the population.

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