Captivating Headline to Convert Online Visitors

You have only a brief moment to capture the interest of your visitors before they decide to go elsewhere — with a captivating headline. With big, bold words at the top of your landing page, you need to do it in the headline.

Every landing page offer is different, as is every audience, but at the core they all want the same thing: to improve their lives in some capacity.  That’s why it’s important to express your unique selling proposition in the headline. Let visitors know what major benefit they’ll gain by claiming your offer.

Captivating Headline – Headlines Build Trust

Your headline’s job is two fold. It’s not enough that it conveys a benefit to your visitor. It also has to let them know they’re in the right place. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance visitors feel deceived, and when that happens, they won’t stick around long.

So, your headline should have message match. It needs to match the text of the referring content. If your headline came from an ad that read  “Grow faster by building smarter relationships,” then your landing page headline should read “Grow faster by building smarter relationships.” An Alluring Headline Full PDF

What Does a Conversion Look Like?

There are many stages of conversion. Anything from a stranger (someone who’s never been to your site before) becoming a subscriber to your blog, to an existing customer who is converting to a repeat customer, or anything in between. A typical conversion might look something like this.

  1. Stranger goes to Google and performs a search
  2. Stranger clicks on a link to your blog article and becomes a visitor
  3. Visitor reads your blog article
  4. Visitor clicks on the call-to-action button at the bottom of blog article
  5. Visitor is redirected to your landing page
  6. Visitor completes the form on your landing page and downloads content (Conversion)
  7. Visitor becomes a new lead (or reconverts again as an existing lead)
  8. Lead is redirected to Thank You Page (Opportunity to bring your lead closer to a sale, or upsell/cross-sell)
  9. Lead continues nurturing process until she becomes a customer or opts-out
  10. Customer is “delightfully” nurtured into a happy and loyal brand promoter, and perhaps a repeat customer Therefore, when someone visits your landing page, your goal is to provide reassurance, credibility and trust, that meets and exceeds their expectations, so that they will provide you with their personal contact information in exchange for your content.

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