Business Intelligence And Big Data

Business Intelligence and data analytics are an integral part of any successful business venture. Business analytics has its dedicated market in the industry and is often a sought-after method to skip the guesswork and accelerate the pace of growth.

With data analytics, you get invaluable insights into your business. This can help you tweak your strategies and investments so that your ROI remains exceptionally attractive.

The rise of Big Data and Analytics

The market value of big data and data analytics is increasing each day and it will continue to grow. IDC pegs the total digital data created worldwide to be 163 zettabytes (a billion TB) by 2025. Around 60% of this data will be created and managed by enterprise organizations.

The massive deluge of data will be useless if data analytics and BI don’t convert these mere numbers in actionable insights.

This explains the immense importance of these two fields in modern-day business practices. The analytical results and findings help to make you intelligent business decisions. It makes information gathering, processing and analyzing more accurate and easier.

You can also take the help of technologies like automated software to do the analytical work and fast-track the insight generation process.

There are a lot of ways that data analytics helps you become a successful entrepreneur you are. This article will put some light on these plus points.

Fast Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Business Intelligence provides you with excellent cross-selling opportunities. The BI tools can help you to gather data and analytics can help you to analyze the collected info. You can attract your customers properly and more dramatically after analyzing the data. The data gives you clear information about your potential customers, their reactions and expectations.

This helps you to formulate a strategy that is perfect for your business. The whole process results in better cross-selling tactics. If you want to explore the area of cross-selling, you first need to know the demands and expectations of your customers. B2B business holders need to have a careful look at their customer reviews.

They need to discuss the points that attracted their existing customers and why the clients still do business with the company. In the case of B2C companies, the process is slightly different.

They connect to retail customers directly via options like surveys, social media campaigns, social listening, and other consumer review programs to know the expectation of the customers and their demands.

The simple motto of these whole processes is to allow the customers better service so they continue a fruitful business relationship with the company. To do this you can offer special services to your clients. It applies to both B2B and B2C companies. This will make your customers satisfied and you will be able to gather more revenue without a lot of effort.

Enables Amazing Efficiency in Business

Business intelligence and analytics is a savior in many cases. It effectively answers all of the doubts that you have in your mind regarding your business. This helps you to gain a clear insight into what is happening so that you can make proper decisions quickly rather than being blindsided by incorrect guesswork.

If you do not want to read long reports about your business then you can surely take help from BI.

Proper BI allows you to get an accurate visual representation of a large amount of data in just a few minutes. It also organizes and summarizes the collected data. Hence, you can get a correct picture of the latest trends in front of you.

The BI uses governance, cloud warehousing and other tools and methods to provide useful data in time. You can access the collected data from anywhere on any device. This saves a lot of time from your side.

For entrepreneurs who wish to monitor their KPIs at one glance on a frequent basis, a feature-packed and visually appealing BI system will prove to be a boon.

Cutting down the cost

Cost is one of the essential factors in any business venture regardless of the size. Each business is different and needs the right investment into resources at the right time. For example, a gift shop may see a rise in sales during the festival seasons like Christmas or New Year.

On the other hand, jewelry and flower shops get extra business during marriage season or on valentine’s Day. This means, each business needs flexible labor force during a certain time and also extra effort and investment at a certain time of the year.

BI can help you to determine a perfect strategy so that you can invest during the right time into resources like manpower with modeling and staffing forecasts. This alleviates the risk of cost overheads and better utilization of resources to maximize ROI with the help of data analytics and BI.

Learning customer behavior pattern to serve them better

Your customers’ behavior can be a great tool to generate revenue. If you can know what they are thinking then you will be able to serve them better with bespoke solutions. Business intelligence can help you in this case.

You can use Microsoft365 dynamics for customer service to generate helpful reports that add immense prowess to insight generation in the business. These reports contain detailed data about the customers’ demands, their expectations, what they want, what they buy, how they buy, etc.

It helps you to understand their mindset so that you to think about a customer-oriented business strategy. This way, you can give them proper service and reap rich dividends in the process.


In order to grow, your business cannot rely on crystal ball gazing. What you need is a more comprehensive means of making accurate predictions and framing growth-oriented strategies. This is exactly where data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) come into the picture.

The collected data can be transformed into rich insights and help you to make faster decisions which help you to attract your customers for a better ROI. BI also helps in making smarter decisions and investments and also saves manpower, time and money.

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