Affiliate Marketing Profitable In One Year

What is affiliate marketing and how can it be a business? Affiliate marketing is a paradigm of a business, in which an online retailer pays commission to an external website, for selling the retailer’s products on the affiliate’s website or blog. To be clear, it is a market arrangement, by which you earn revenue by promoting and selling other people’s products.

You are likely to get some proportion of the profit for each item, that you sell. But the real question is where you will stand in affiliate marking after one year

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  • There are two main sides of the affiliate marketing. One is the product creator and the other is the affiliate marketer.
  • The merchant or the product creator is the one who pays the affiliate marketer to increase its sale ratio and the profit rate, by selling through a third-party website, that is the external website of an affiliate marketer. And in return, they offer a proportion of the revenue obtained from the sale. The business which has products to sell, can be a new start-up or a fortune 500 company. There are no legal restrictions to get involved in affiliate marketing.
  • The affiliate marketer is the one who is known as, the publisher. Affiliates can vary from a single entity to an entire business. This is where the affiliate marketing works wonders. The affiliate marketer or affiliate generates significant revenue or commission each month, by promoting multiple products of different businesses, attracting and convincing potential customers, to purchase the merchant’s products. Affiliate marketing is very different from other businesses and many of the affiliated businesses make a substantial profit by selling through external websites.

Getting Into Affiliate Marketing

I agree that some affiliate marketers generate a lot of revenue by investing little time and continuing with their regular jobs but is it really that easy? Can a beginner, who just stepped into the affiliate marketing business, make actual money out of it in a short period? Well, let us discuss this side of the business.

Affiliate Marketing After One Year

  • Many people who are planning to start this business firstly inquire about the time it takes to get stabled and settled, as an affiliate marketer. Mostly, people want to know the profit or success rate of this business, after one year.
  • Affiliate marketing is distinctive, as compared to the other market arrangements. The reason behind is that, it requires little to no capital in starting an affiliate marketing business. You just have to create a website/blog and get started in the business, by selling other companies’ products.
  • However, the success rate or the amount of profit or revenue you are likely to earn, depends upon your niche. It depends on the time you are investing in your affiliate business and on the strategies you are adopting, to get settled in the affiliate marketing business.
  • If we talk about the success or profit ratio as an affiliate marketer after one year, it all depends on the topic of your niche. Some people are likely to go faster in earning a revenue because of the particular niche or the products’ field they are affiliated with.
  • Moreover, it depends on the time you are investing in your affiliate business. You are likely to get a handsome profit after one year, if you are consistent in your business and give it as many hours as possible, for the business to flourish.
  • However, some newcomers tend to struggle a lot, and are unable to earn enough revenue to be called successful. The reason is the lack of research. As simple as it sounds, with proper research, you can earn considerable revenue from the sales, after 6 months or so. Without proper research, it may take you more than 12 months to be successful in affiliate marketing.
  • The other factor which makes you or breaks you, is your intellectual and convincing power on your website. For instance, many affiliate marketers have authored multiple pages on their websites to get quicker and better residual income, out of the affiliate marketing business.
  • Therefore, the success and failure in affiliate marketing depends on the above-mentioned factors. Sad to say many people jump into the affiliate marketing business, without prior research and resources, and it takes them more than one year, to earn self-sustaining revenue coming from this business.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Affiliate Marketing

To increase the profit rate, there are some do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing to keep note of, as a beginner, in affiliate marketing.



The common mistake that the new affiliate marketers make is that, they try to promote too many products to get the desired revenue. This way, they get distracted from their niche and regardless of promoting their many products, the return on effort or low commission is disappointing.

It may work for the well-established affiliate marketers, but not for beginners. Focusing on particular products preferably related, makes it easier, to create quality referrals to convince the audience.


It is necessary to create compelling content about the products on your website. One factor which makes an affiliate marketer successful is the traffic of people visiting their website.

If Affiliates are true and honest with their products’ reviews and create compelling and interesting content that drives their customers to buy the products, then affiliates are likely to have a steady, reliable and quality stream of web traffic on their website. Thus, earning significant revenue and profit.


As a new Affiliate do not expect to get a rush of sales overnight. It takes at least 12 months for the average affiliate marketer to get good sales. You just have to invest your time, interest and intelligence into the business patiently, and wait for the sales to go up after 1 year or so.


Provide sufficient information, benefits and quick facts about the product and company history and background focused on selling the product. Configure hyperlinks on each product leading the customer directly to the creator or merchant of the advertised product for final conversion or sale.



Avoid posting stuff on your website that is spam. Do not post irrelevant stuff and content on your website, which is nowhere related to the products you are trying to sell. The audience will draw away from your website, thinking, it is spammy.


It is counter-productive to over-convince or over-sell to your site visitors regarding any product. It is better to be honest and truthful regarding the benefits and features of the product, so that the audience does not get annoyed. Instead, be educational and provide all the information you can about the product, and let the audience decide if they want it or not.


Before signing up or filling your Affiliate agreement with the merchant, read all terms and conditions before promoting a company’s products. Do not violate the rules and regulations, while selling the products, as this act will certainly cost you a hefty penalty or your account getting permanently suspended.


Some affiliate marketers tend to sell the products which are popular and common in the market. It is advisable to also promote the products that no one else is selling. This presents new opportunities and an advantage to obtain more revenue from your audience who will be attracted to distinctive and novel offerings.

Realistic Expectations After One Year Of Affiliate Marketing

Although affiliate marketing is a business which has low barriers to entry and anyone can learn the tactics, to stay in this business and make millions of dollars annually, however, sales do not happen overnight. This is why having realistic expectations after one year of affiliate marketing prepares you for the long haul characteristic of any successful enterprise.

It takes a lot of improvement, time, diligence, hard work and research for one whole year, for an average affiliate marketer, to generate a profitable revenue from the business.

There are many odds in the business of affiliate marketing and it requires patience and experience, to get the desired commission on the sales you make. The most realistic thing to expect in the first year of affiliate marketing is to not expect unrealistic sums of revenues.

For an average affiliate marketer, it usually takes about 12 months, to get steady quality traffic or flow of people onto their website. It takes almost 6 months or more for the sales to go up.


Affiliate marketing is no doubt, different from the other businesses and requires little effort and capital, to get started as a beginner. The profit ratio increases when the affiliate advances out of the beginner’s phase and become a well-established affiliate marketer.

Consequently, it all takes about one year of consistency and hard work to earn the desired revenue. Read About Passive Income

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